Grade 8 Science Resources
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Acceleration PHET simulations Physics Glossary All About Atoms
Chem4Kids Proton Don The Particle Adventure Chemical Elements Periodic Table ChemiCool Periodic Table
The Elements Visual Elements Periodic Table GEMS Alien Juice Bar Mystery Powder Lab The pH Factor
Brain Pop Videos Basics of Physics: Exploring Gravity18:36 Buoyancy and the Titanic 8:35 Coasting Through Physics 9:40 Exploring the Laws of Motion18:06
Forces and Gravity 20:20 Speed and Acceleration 9:05 Work, Energy, and the Simple Machine15:00 Chemical Bonding 18:46 Chemical Compounds and Radioactivity 05:57
Energy and the Four States of Matter 03:41 Hot Air Balloons 03:31 Matter: How Is It Put Together? 11:51 Matter: What is it? 12:34

Oxygen and Atoms 07:51

Physical Science: Elements 20:00 Physical Science: Elements, Compounds, and Atoms 18:41 Plasma: The Fourth State of Matter 03:04 The Electron 03:45 The Neutron 03:03
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table 17:23 Chemical Structure and the Periodic Table of Elements 09:38 Discover the Elements 57:12 Physical Science: Elements 20:00 Simply Science: Periodic Table 27:04
Chemistry of Diamonds 10:03 Chemical Bonds 07:11 Chemical Reactions 09:24 Elements of Chemistry: Acids, Bases and Salts 20:00  Physical Science Series: Chemical Reactions 18:01
Solutions 06:13 Cosmic Collisions 29:28 Solar System 20:00 The Inner Planets 13:10
The Outer Planets 08:20 Cosmic Collisions 29:28 A Look at the Stars 15:00 The Sun: Our Star Attraction 15:00