Social Studies

 Grade 8 Social Studies Resources

Study Central Thirteen Colonies Mayflower History Mt. Vernon George Washington
Discovering Lewis and Clark The Louisiana Purchase Monticello Thomas Jefferson
Monroe Doctrine Star-Spangled Banner Star-Spanled Banner and the War of 1812 Interactive Ellis Island U.S. Mexican War
The Alamo The West Black Inventors Online Museum The Life of Henry Ford Civil War Photographs
Aboard the Underground Railroad

Challenging Geography: Explorers Discover America 18:00 Christopher Columbus: Voyager to a New World 22:03 Explorers: Ancient Civilizations of Mexico 17:56 Hernan Cortes: Conquerer of Mexico 17:44 The Almost Painless Guide to the U.S. Constitution 21:12
From Colonies to Constitution: Shaping the New Nation 15:00 Our Constitution: The Document That Gave Birth to a Nation 24:00 Understanding the Constitution: The Executive Branch 22:00 Understanding the Constitution: The Judicial Branch 22:00
Understanding the Constitution: The Legislative Branch 22:00

We the People: A History 23:17

America in a Changing World 1793-1799 14:56 The Life and Times of George Washington 14:52 America Under Thomas Jefferson 15:02
Expedition of Lewis and Clark 16:00 The Lewis and Clark Expedition 20:41 Westward Expansion: The Louisiana Purchase 26:00 A Brief History of the United States 11:22 The Industrial Revolution 19:58
America Under Andrew Jackson 15:00 Conflict: Trail of Tears 14:08 Native America Removal 14:03
Dear America: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence Gonzales 26:56

Lone Star Legacy 26:00

The Mexican War15:00